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Diverse Learning Environments

Preschool (2K)

It is Infinity’s vision to create a warm, safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment for children where all families feel welcomed. Infinity is an Early Childhood Education Center where teachers create a curriculum in which children are actively engaged in learning. Our team helps our students develop a positive self-esteem and build a solid foundation for their future school success. 


Our curriculum is also designed to meet the standards of daily activities, transitions, and routines which have a direct impact on the child's physical, social, emotional, intellectual and language development as they progress in their early childhood education. Infinity utilizes the Mother Goose curriculum found at this link:



In NYC, you can apply to 3-K in the calendar year that your child turns three. ​


If your child was born in 2018, you can still participate in 3-K admissions! Add your child to programs' waitlists today in MySchools.

Don’t have a MySchools account or need support? We’re here to help! You can also get your child’s offer, learn about waitlists, and accept or decline offers by calling 718-935-2009 or emailing

All children of this age who are also NYC residents are welcome to apply, including children currently attending EarlyLearn or other preschool programs, children with disabilities, children with accessibility needs, children learning English, students in temporary housing, and children who move to NYC during the admissions process.


Children do not need to be potty trained to attend.

For news and updates, sign up for the 3-K admissions email list. 

We're looking forward to welcoming your family to 3-K this fall. And for those already attending a program, we look forward to better supporting your family's needs. 

Pre-K (4K)

Free Full Day is Here!

Log on to to register your child for PKA.

Your child should be with an experienced provider. Infinity PKA prepares children for kindergarten through fun, interactive activities. Our students are happy and have a nurtured love for learning.


Parent Participation Program:

Infinity has been commended by NYCDOE specialist for actively engaging  parents in participating with their child's education. Parents are always welcomed at Infinity to work alongside our staff in implementing our learning activities.


Research Based Preparation: 

Infinity's focus on preparing students for kindergarten is based on scientific research of kindergarten teachers expectations from area schools.

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